First blog post = What Are GodBumps?

This is the post excerpt.

Welcome to the GodBumps blog. We hope you feel the emotion of love from Spirit with one or more of your senses. Perceiving this feeling is what we call GodBumps.  For me it is like goosebumps in my back or warm sweet chills. For my wife, JoySee, it is tingles on top of the head. Here’s a picture of our book about these wonderful signals from The Creator.


New Moons in Astrology

Feb 15, 2018 11 am to 3 pm PST is a New Moon and every other New Moon is great for these things:


Every New Moon is the best aspect for the monthly cycle with the Sun. The window of two hours before through two hours afterwards is the window of opportunity. Opportunity to have fun with our moods and enjoy our feelings


Great time to feel loved and entertained. Once in this mood, we can generate more fun. Partying at home, anyone?


When we get into this fun mood, we tend to stay there because the Sun is very steady.  It just keeps on burning brightly, generating a love for the mood and appreciating the feeling.

That is all it takes, just getting there and once there we can easily continue and milk it for all it is worth because we feel so loved in this mood, we feel so entertained.


It is like a game in which we are the star, and our feelings are being manifested for us once we get them going.  We keep these wonderful feelings going, growing them or letting them respond to whatever was getting them to feel so powerful.


The sun is like that, it just keeps on keeping on, full of intention and purpose and willing the emotions, the mood to be fun, pleasurable, enjoyable.


So the shift and gift is in the ability to get into a fun mood at will.  When we can get into this frisky mood, we have shifted our mood into one that is to be envied, because we are having so much fun.  The shift gift is really, getting into this frisky mood at will.


It is so dang much fun to keep in this mood for as long as we can.  Once in this mood, we just want more of it.  If we keep this mood in the forefront of our experiencing, we can teach ourselves just what type activities or thoughts will feed this mood even move.  Once we learn these things, we will be able to reproduce these feelings anytime just by repeating these activities.


Pretend to be in a great mood and guess what?  Soon we will be.  How does this work?  We use will power and our determination to keep pretending to be in a great mood and our feelings will respond. Our emotions are pliable to our powerful intentions and they tend to continue on.

This can be quite fun, to cherish our ability to creative our moods.




Astrology : Jupiter Pluto : Adventurous Pilgrims

Adventurous Pilgrims is Jupiter Pluto’s gift to each of us with this aspect. Our biggest, most spectacular adventure was when our essence was cast off from Source many millennia ago. Pure spirit, we took on bodies and began lifetimes of physical and psychological growth with wondrous, exciting, sometimes dangerous quests. We survived and in fact thrived! Today, viewing ourselves as spiritual beings having a physical experience, we are ready for a quantum leap in our progress -– adventures of the Higher Self!

Pilgrim’s Progress, a well-known book by John Bunyan from the 17th century is very apropos to our journey, although ours is from a spiritual standpoint, rather than a religious one. The protagonist in that epic tale, Christian, embarked upon a path of adventure from his hometown, the City of Destruction (the world), to the Celestial City (heaven). He was seeking liberation from the burden of a horrid sin he believed he committed.

What an adventure Christian (Everyman/woman) had! His path twisted and turned through many situations, people and events. He was told by the Evangelist (a guide) to pursue the “shining light” and to walk the “straight and narrow” path, but Christian faltered along the way. Despite seeing signs of his goal as he traveled, he fell onto false paths and among misleading individuals, where tests and trials, losses and hardships were plentiful. Finally and at long last, he made it to the Celestial City after perilously crossing over the River of Death.

Pilgrim’s Progress is a wonderful story full of metaphors we can use to align with our soul’s purpose through adventure. Reading it, we can see how important were all our trials and tribulations, dead ends, detours and pitfalls on our journey of life.

The shining light that was Christian’s is also ours to follow as we set out to transform our life and its purpose. Jupiter sets up our adventures; its energy is always expansive and fiery. Pluto, on the other hand, draws us towards our Higher Self and examining our hidden side, to transform, renew, awaken to higher consciousness and then pursue our ultimate passions in life.,

With this gift, we are taken down many paths in that journey because we are so full of inquisitiveness and have a thirst for learning and its secrets. People intrigue us as well. Thus our journey of life is filled with bends and curves, ups and downs, rocky and dangerous roads and crossings to satisfy our quests. Each one is another adventure. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Life Contracts – Many of us have heard that we made a contract for this lifetime before we incarnated. We, as about-to-be incarnated beings, set up the kind of experiences and people we needed to help us fulfill the contract and to work out karma.

The communication that lets us know we are living up to the terms of our pre-incarnation contract comes through our feelings. When we resist or embrace growth opportunities, we can use our joy-level barometer to measure how true we are to our contract. If Christian would have let his feelings guide him, perhaps he’d have found his way more efficiently!

Another way we link up and connect to our Higher Self on our pilgrimage of life is through symbols or resources magically popping up, similar to Christian’s journey to the Celestial City. We may find people are friendly and supportive; or there is less chaos in our way; or more of our activities are going right for us. These should be signals to us that we are on the right path and are fulfilling our life contract.

We do have to deal with difficulty, as well as gain. It is part of the adventure and the deal we made before incarnating. The people we chose to work with us back then were really great teachers for us, but they didn’t necessarily feel like benevolent ones in the beginning! Some of us have parents (or children) that fit that bill! Some of them are downright nasty, but that’s their role to teach us to get us on the straight and narrow path. Deep down, as Beings, we know that from them and from the contract’s successful completion, we’d grow in scope and range of feelings and emotions. We’d expand our soul-fullness! So we dig in for the adventure, called life!

Good Karma – There is good karma also, especially in the Buddhist tradition. The idea is that action that inspires confidence and removes doubt and suffering is good karma. We can do likewise.

Past Lifetime Contracts- This lifetime’s karmic contracts form the BIG picture with which we can frame our life’s adventures. Even bigger is the link among contracts from previous lifetimes. If we are fascinated by, say, Eastern philosophies in this life, where did this attraction all ultimately begin? And for what purpose? We evolved over many incarnations and this lifetime is the culmination of those others. Each of our lifetimes brought passion and pain, problems and pleasure, all of which helped hone and expand us as Beings. If we are turned on to Buddhism or Taoism now, its laws and practices resonate on a deep level, from beyond this lifetime. It behooves us to intensely expand our understanding and experiences with that philosophy for further soul expansion.

This Plutonian energy can also open us to learning from gurus or masters, as well as ancestors and loved ones who have passed on. As we discover how to add them into our pilgrimage, they can aid us in uncovering resources and universal laws that facilitate our growth and healing through our adventures.

Here are a few ways to combine the two planets’ energies into an adventurous pilgrimage:

Healing with Optimism. Remember how the bedside manner is so important for healing? There is a huge difference in healing of someone which accords to their attitude about it. The people whom we come in contact with during our recuperation are vital to us. When we are bombarded by jovial, positive and optimistic people in our rejuvenation, our healing progress will benefit.

This also goes for what we read and watch on TV while convalescing. To take advantage of this Jupiter Pluto gift, it is best to have an advocate who is very aware of the philosophies the recuperating person is being exposed to and strive to screen out all but the most upbeat and jovial. Comedies on TV with lots of laughing and humorous reading material is a wonderful boost to morale and thus, healing.

Rather than sympathetic visitors, it would be preferred that we have enthusiastic people telling of their adventures and all the wonderful magic that happened to them or exciting trips for which they have plans. If not this, at least we can welcome visitors that only see positive outcomes for the future. Basically and utmost, laughter is the best medicine.

Create a Bucket List. Remember the movie of that name with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson? In it, the two men created a list of all they wanted to do before they died and helped each other achieve their adventurous goals. It was mainly a bonding between two men and a list of places to go. We can take that further to create a list for the exciting journey of the soul and even to experiencing of passionate and intense feelings yet to be felt.

Our bucket list must be written so it can be reviewed many times and be a dynamic, ever expanding list of adventures and life’s twists and turns that will help us renew our soul’s purpose. Some of us are acquainted with the excitement of planning a vacation of a lifetime. We’re not yet on the actual journey, but wow, what fun it is to research it, pour over maps and tour books and shop for clothing and other items suitable for the trip.

When we add an Adventurous Pilgrimage to our holidays, we set our intention on achieving a deeper soul connection before anything else. What will that look like; how will it shape itself into a purpose or direction? Exciting stuff to discover! For example, a vigorous mountain climb could be a metaphor for a way to reach lofty goals. In addition, if we have foreign vacations on our list, we could visit churches, cathedrals, temples, ancient goddess altars, the Taj Mahal or other holy sites as part of the trips. Adventures like these are a conscious way to find deeper meaning for us.

Vision Boards can also be a Jupiter Pluto tool to post or view what we would like to manifest and bring into our experience. We can post clippings or photos of adventures and ideas we want to manifest in our lives for our soul’s growth. We can also add ideas for workshops and events, display pictures of inspirational people, even collect pictures and sayings of masters, gurus, Avatars or other inspirational sources to add depth to our soul work. Vision board ideas are limitless; so shall we begin?

Use Talents and Skills Expansively -– The Jupiter-Pluto energy can aid us all in taking what we innately know or talents we have and kicking it all up a notch to something much more powerful. Writing this book is, for the two of us, an expansion of what we both have learned throughout the years. We’ve taken mundane astrology for everyday predictions and tarot mainly used for fortune telling to a new, soulful level as is evident in our sections on the astrology and tarot behind the gifts. It was an adventure in soul searching!

Skills and talents may also be extensions of experience from other lifetimes on which we are catching up in this one. This is similar to how a child with no training can sit down at a piano and play a concerto using past lifetime talents. In this lifetime, we can bring these abilities to new levels of consciousness. Art can be inspirational; writing uplifting; carpentry heart stirring; food preparation soul feeding and so on. What an adventure!

Adventures in the Afterlife? This Gift is so expansive, why not include those that are no longer in the body? Wouldn’t it be an adventure to raise our vibration level so that we actually journey to the other side and back? Now that’s a pilgrimage and a half! In so doing, it is possible to contact the souls there and even share dramatic stories with them. James Van Praagh, an internationally known spiritual medium does just that and is a holder of this soulful Gift.

Our Pathway & Journey –“We’re all pilgrims on the same journey-but some pilgrims have better road maps.” Nelson DeMille had something there, didn’t he? With this expansive, gift we can claim the right to be Cosmic Pilgrims with the winning road map in hand.

We may be called upon to be teachers of the Path because we’ve experienced in so many pathways. We are familiar with many the treacherous obstacles, important detours and delightful shortcuts along the way as well. Accompanying our experience and learning, to teach well we must be an example of that which we are attempting to instill in others. That means internalizing the pathway’s experiences as soul-full wisdom and quiet certitude and drawing from that deep well to passionately serve others. Serving as ministers, guidance counselors, spiritual directors, religion teachers, philosophy instructors are among many possibilities. These occupations are also good ways for us in which to share and write about the stories of our lives.

This gift, most certainly, is the Pilgrim’s Progress path to many adventures on the road back to Source. We accept and integrate the hidden Plutonian side as part of us, not see it as something of which to be ashamed. In addition, we learn through all our escapades and explorations to integrate all the parts of our being. That is our life’s mission.

In fact, all the fiery and expansive energy of Jupiter has not only helped us face our inner self, but taught us to identify with it. We are our hidden or dark side and our light side. In fact, the Celestial City of Source is not only in our sights; we are part of it. It is within us. Our travels have taken us outward and then inward where we come face to face with our purpose and awakening to the Oneness with all that is. We’re Adventurous Pilgrims!

How do I know when I “shift” to a new vibration level?
Here are some indicators for the Jupiter Pluto gift:

The Adventurous Pilgrim’s gift is part of my life contract and a work in progress. It is my own Pilgrim’s Progress of awakening to Oneness.

I am passionately exploring new pathways and sharing my wisdom with others. I am embracing my mistakes, foibles, and imperfections as part of my wholeness.

My bucket list and skills are expanding everyday as I transform myself as a cosmic being.

I am healing as I allow lightness and fun to replace a heaviness of spirit.

I understand that relationships never end; their form just changes. So deceased loved ones still are with me.

I feel zany enough to joke about sex even as I see it as an expansive experience.

                                                                    THE CARD
What’s on your bucket list that can extend your travels to connecting to your ancestry or align with your expansion in consciousness?
What are the most exciting adventures for your vision board and path in life?
What pilgrimages, journeys and voyages do you desire?
What path are you most inquisitive and stoked about learning right now?
What path or direction would you most appreciate for your soul’s growth?
How do you suppose you’d feel when you have completed our bucket list?
What souls in the afterlife can you have adventures with?
Which ancestors on the other side can you joke around with the most?
What healing have you had using laughter and optimism?
How would you go about manifesting some magic and abundance in your life?
In what ways are you passionate about generously sharing your resources to all?
What theories on death make you feel optimistic about this important rite of passage?
What psychological blocks prevent you from making a bright future for yourself?
What positive, philosophical theories can expand your desires?
How could a Vision Quest benefit your life?
What most intense desire will make you the most exuberant when it manifests?

                                                 The Astrology & Tarot behind the Gift
Jupiter is the planet of huge and expansive promise and fortune. Through its influence we can be guided to abundance, exciting opportunities and high ideals. If we work with it, we open ourselves to a smooth pathway in life, filled with exploration, opportunity and joy.

The Wheel of Fortune -Key 10 in the Tarot is ruled by Jupiter and contributes gratefulness to Jupiter’s positive energy. Whatever comes our way, be they problems or successes, our attitude of gratitude will expand our life and contribute to new opportunities and promise. The Wheel also shows us that abundance comes in many forms, and as the wheel turns what was not there before now comes into view for us to joyfully embrace or reject.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. The sign of the archer, Sagittarius sets its aims high. Its influence brings us a freedom loving, jovial nature and interesting lifestyle. We love walking and traveling, speaking, philosophizing and, although not necessarily religious, we are fascinated with the workings of all religions. Lastly, we are considered luckiest because of our optimism, gratefulness, and positive attitudes.

Temperance -Key 14 in the Tarot is ruled by Sagittarius and contributes depth and stability to Sagittarius high-spirited energy. As we try new things, travel distant paths and meet new people, Temperance encourages us to mix it up. Through our missteps and successes, it tempers us so that those tests and trials become tried and true extensions of our being. We develop a strength and depth of spirit and personality with its assistance.

Pluto energy has tremendous powers of creation and destruction. This energy never dies but constantly takes on a new form. It regenerates, renews or recycles everything in its path, especially in the emotional realm. Our ego doesn’t have a chance when we begin to work with Pluto’s passionate energy. Likewise, our journey continues through death. Our soul lives on and we incarnate again and again. This cycle constitutes our entire soul’s journey. We can understand this phenomenon of eternal life more deeply through introspection and through simple communication with our deceased loved ones.

Judgment/Awakening – Key 20 is Pluto in the Tarot, and contributes to Pluto’s energy by awakening us to what is beyond everyday existence. Key 20 is passionate about each of us realizing our ultimate purpose here on earth and powerfully realigning with our soul’s journey back to our real Home in the non-physical. It’s as if, all of a sudden, we hear the call to our higher purpose as a Being, not just a body. We realize what we came here for and see our current lifetime in a different light–not just filled with mundane living and its pains and sorrows– but as a series of crucial steps along the pathway to our return Home. It’s like the drama is necessary for us to uncover the layers leading to our souls thread through incarnations.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto. Its energy is that of regeneration, recycling and rebirth. We die many times in one lifetime when the psychological shell we built around us crumbles, when we suffer losses and humiliation. When we can grow from that, we regenerate and are, in effect born again to a higher purpose and meaning in life.
Death, Key 13 in the Tarot is ruled by Scorpio. It contributes transformational energy through death. We leave behind, sometimes dramatically, drastically, and often suddenly, old ways of feeling and thinking that no longer serve us. In effect, we rise, like a Phoenix, from the fire of our own making and we are transformed.

View Your Life with KINDSIGHT
Stop Beating Yourself Up
About Things from Your Past.
Instead of Slapping Your Forehead and Asking:
“What Was I Thinking?”
Breathe and Ask Yourself the Kinder Question:
“What Was I Learning?”

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

No pain, no gain!

It’s good to ask Why

What I re-learned yesterday was that it is good to ask Why, especially if we are looking for a reason we are feeling bad.  I used to think it is better to just go on to a different and better feeling but this avoids the chance to find out what we really do want.

For example, yesterday I was feeling old and I didn’t like it.  I asked myself Why and it was because I was tired and moved sluggishly after playing 5 hours of racquet ball. I asked myself why I felt tired and it led me to realize what I really wanted was more energy.

Thinking about wanting more energy was a better feeling thought. It may mean the same thing, but there is a difference in the wording which is important in whether we are beating the drum of what we don’t like or what we want. Thoughts of what do want are something we want to manifest.

Thoughts of what we don’t want get manifested, too. So it behooves us think about what we want more of because what we want less of we will get more of, too. That’s how the Law of Attraction works. It attracts what we want less of an what we want more of, so when our dominant thoughts are of what we want more of, that’s what we attract.

We all agree we would rather bring into our lives things we Do want, right?  Asking why we feel a certain bad feeling pivots us from rather than complaining about something to what we actually desire to go for. Asking why changes the energy and gives us a positive direction.

The more positive our direction is, the more we are in alignment with our soul.  Our soul is the part that loves our life force energy and our greater purpose for this incarnation. As I become more positive, I more easily attune with this Spiritual part of me, and I am able to feel my GodBumps more.

There was the idea that we should not talk about what is happening if it is bad. It is OK to bring up what is bad, but turn it into something good. Paint the side of it that we want more of. Seeing what is bad can be an impetus for us to see Why something happened which can lead us to a more positive objective. Thus we feel better.

For example, the Northern Calif. fires of October were tragic. Rather than describing all  the suffering, when we ask Why they happened, one reason was so folks can see what they value and a bigger reason was to feel love from everyone trying to help them. So I beat the drum of everyone is being more compassionate, loving and helpful because of the fires.

Asking other questions like how, or who or when are just beating the drum of the badness of the situation and makes us feel worse. What we want to do if feel better and through asking Why we feel bad leads us to feel better.  Like I said, when I feel better, I am able to connect or match energies with my guiding GodBumps better.

Would You Like to Play Astrology?

According to Astrology, we all have innate talents or gifts either we are using and don’t even know how lucky we are, or we haven’t discovered their value or ease of use yet. In either case, Astrology can point out what we are lucky at and we can try our ‘lucky’ aspects out.

What are aspects?  As aspect is a connection between two planets.  When two planets are a certain angular distance away from each other, like when there is a full or new Moon, it is called an aspect. In this case, when the Moon is a new Moon, the Moon and Sun  are conjunct or together.

This aspect of the  Moon and Sun is a positive aspect or an easy one, also called a harmonious aspect.  When it happens every month, it is a time when we can welcome playing.  Now knowing this, if we have this aspect, this new Moon when we were born, then every time there is a new Moon, we could be more aware of this ‘welcoming playing’.

I have set up a group in Facebook to track people’s aspects.  I find what aspects in their natal chart are activated every week and let them know.  When these aspects happen, it is a great time to read the descriptions of what is easy or lucky for us.

Now I only track the positive aspects because the negative ones, the challenging ones are in our face more and we are overly aware of them. The positive ones we need to be more aware of them so we can put more energy into them.

It also goes along with LOA, Law of Attraction, what we think about we get more of. So if we just think about what is positive, that’s what we get.

So how do you get started playing with Astrology?  You can join my service.  It is on Facebook and just send me a donation of any amount to get started for a month. You can use Facebook personal messages to send $ or use PayPal. If you use PayPal my account is Davie@LuckyAstrology.com.

Once I receive a donation, I will get your birth data from you and make you a member of the private Astrology group. There you will find all the aspects for the month and I will tag you on each aspect picture that applies to you and your natal chart.

Then if you want to keep playing just keep giving me a donation monthly. There is an Egyptian law of AMRA that I am following here, that says you donate only after receiving service and only if it was of value.

Why charge and why a donation?  When we pay for something, we value it and will use it more. Since I don’t know how much value it is to you, I leave it up to you.

If you give someone a gift membership or get them to join my service, I will give you a month of free Astrology service as a thank you.


My first hit of the day-which means the first time I received GodBumps in the morning-was when I was reading an email from my wife.  She had read my latest blog and liked it and offered a suggestion that I re-institute starting my blogs with personal examples. This peaks her interest.

Basically she was helping me and I felt so grateful. Because I felt GodBumps from that, I took it to heart and I know that this is ‘my’ truth.  You see, it doesn’t matter where the information comes from, whether it comes from my own intuition, or externally. When the thought is accompanied with GodBumps, I know it is the gospel for me and I put energy into it.

I was so grateful for that tip from JoySee, I thanked her in an email right away and then recorded it on my personal recorder which I keep with me all the times. I record all my GodBumps so I can enter them in my GodBumps journal. This helps me remember to put energy into the guidance.

See how my GodBumps guide me, and keep me on track?

We learned that the Divine doesn’t adjust the world of form for us from another email.  When we pray to have something happen in our lives, what happens is the Divine adjusts our psychology, feelings and beliefs so we can attract that change in our lives. We actually effect the world of form.

Now there is an astrology aspect that is happening right now: started in December and lasts through January. I also use GodBumps in interpreting what this time is good for.

Basically the key here is praise. The difference in being thankful and praise is that praise is verbalized. So praising JoySee this morning goes right along with the astrology for these two months.

In order to take advantage of this aspect, we must focus on the positive and then praise this positive. We can start gratitude journals, but go the next step and actually announce it publicly.

For you astrology buffs, the aspect is Jupiter and Saturn. I will put the list I compiled for this aspect here. To take advantage of this lucky time, put energy into the following:



Connecting to the Field

There is an energy field that is a love field available to us all. When we connect to It, it feels good and not only soothing but makes us feel grateful.

We can connect to this energy field anytime we stop and tune in to it. So this morning when I was waiting for my cappuccino water to boil, I tuned into it. I got this idea to write about it and share it with you.

It is a spiritual energy field so it inspires us, mothers us, and is available 24/7 to love us unconditionally. It is the same place we go to when our bodies die and we are left with our souls.

Why go there?  It is there where we discover our gift in life, which leads to other gifts.  It also can motivate us, guide us and help us make decisions.

It is our direct link to expanded consciousness or increased awareness.  As we become more cognizant of our bigger self, our soul, which resides in this Field, we are in touch with this loving entity.

This entity is on the Spiritual plane and is not connected to the physical world.  It does not manifest things for us on the material plane, but can help us psychologically.

It can, when we ask it to help us, change our beliefs and what we think of ourselves. When we feel worthy for things to happen for us, we expect it and there is more chance of it happening to us.

It can also dissolve our subconscious conditioning, you know, the things we react negatively to that we have ‘learned’ to respond to in a certain way.

Besides dissolving these negative blocks from the past, the field can also increase the power of the positive programs we ‘learned’ in the past: the subconscious things that we will magically react to automatically in a positive way.

These positive responses are called gifts or easy and harmonious aspects in astrology, but we will save this for another blog.

This field is getting stronger.  It is Love energy becoming more available for all of humanity and all we have to do is tune into It. When we do this, it makes us feel loved and then we feel grateful and then praising It causes the magic to happen…

How GodBumps Guide Me

My Dad and I have an interesting relationship. We switch back and forth in our incarnations being father and son.  How do I know this?  My GodBumps tell me. When I think about this connection with my Dad idea, I get chills in my back and shoulders.

We take turns being the kid. We do this for fun and this is the life time I am to be aware of this.  Other lifetimes I was not aware of this, but this lifetime, the journey of my soul  is being revealed to me. I have the GodBumps to thank for this.

You see, I would not know what to believe if it wasn’t for these chills. As I said before, some people call them TruthBumps, since they happen simultaneously  with truth or a true idea. I use them for guidance all the time, especially the first few hours in the morning when I get up.

I started following the ideas I got when I felt these chills 15 years ago. At that time they were so intense I would cry from  sheer gratitude for receiving them. They felt that good. There was a point when that was all I ever wanted; to experience them as much as I could.

So I would do whatever idea that happened at the same time that I was receiving them. It was like something was loving me, making me feel special, and giving me a direction in my life. I followed them blindly at times and believed in them so much.

I am still doing this, this following my chills. Their intensity has decreased and now only when JoySee and I are meditating do I usually feel the intenseness that brings me to tears of joy.

How Can We Fix Our Problems?

I have been noticing in the last few days, that when I get perturbed or my wife, JoySee,  gets upset, it is usually because things are not going quickly and  easily. Like yesterday, she was complaining about how the bank was not making it easy to balance the checkbook for the month.

I noticed that I get upset when I seem to be running out of time. Then everything becomes a hassle. JoySee seems to get upset with me when I don’t get things done fast enough for her. She calls  her letting me know about this , “lighting a fire” underneath me.

We laugh about this when we can, but the most important thing, from a  spiritual point of view, is that somehow we got off on the wrong foot,  as my mom would call it.

That metaphorical   wrong foot  keeps us  on the wrong track until we shift to the positive side. For example, Esther Hicks of LOA tells this story: She is driving her monster bus and she notices something is not right with the bus and this is just after she got it out of the shop.

This leads her to notice other things that are going wrong with the bus.  When she finally shifts to the positive side, and notices something about the bus she is happy with, this leads to other things she appreciates about the bus, and magically the bus seems to fix itself.

Some people would say that our thoughts are very powerful and they create our very experiences. The thoughts that we become aware of when we really become conscious of them are thoughts of wanting to improve and make something better. These are really fear thoughts coming from the ego, negative thought sphere. That’s why we start swearing.

When we become aware of where these thoughts are coming from, we can shift to   being aware of  what is easily and quickly happening.  Once we get on this  tack,  it  opens us to positive thoughts of everything is perfect just the way it is.


When we dwell on praise, our problems go away.  When we accept anything that happens to us as perfect, we are happy. This opens the door to new ideas about problems and how either they are not problems,  a chance to learn something or are something to take action on.

Take time to notice these things and magic happens!


Awakening is When You Finally ‘Get It’

I get it!  Yesterday when I was stuffing quarters in the parking meter in Berkeley, I saw this homeless  woman and all of her junk sitting right there by the meter.  Many thoughts went through my mind, like giving her some money, but she was on her cell phone so maybe she didn’t need it, so I didn’t  follow through.

I seemed to feel she was non-verbally asking for a handout, but  I left it alone. We then went into the restaurant and spent $60 on lunch after feeding the meter 12 quarters.   That is much more than our normal eating-out budget allows.

This morning, right after I started listening to some holy music in order to feel GodBumps, I finally got it!  I should have given money to her.  It didn’t matter how much I had, or that I may be enabling her to stay homeless, what mattered is how she felt.  By giving her a couple bucks I could have made her feel loved, even made her day.

When something good happens to us, due to the law of attraction, we get thinking about more good  because each thought and experience seems to attract similar type thoughts and experiences.  I missed the chance to make her feel loved.

In my astrology predictions I started giving on  Facebook again, I will change the ‘twist’   on it. I have been saying what positive activities we could participate in  at certain times and now it will somehow have the element of feeling loved in certain ways at certain times.

I am so happy I get it! Letting people feel loved by focusing on the positive things I can do to start the ball rolling.

And I just ‘got’ another idea.  Yesterday at lunch, the three people I was with were talking most of the time, as is usual with me. They just seemed to have more need to talk than I do.  But I now will be alert and jump in with every chance to make people feel loved.

You see how the LOA or law of attraction works? One insight of mine of letting people feel loved by being charitable, led to another idea to let people feel loved by talking to them. Which just led to another idea of you all reading this.

I ‘get it’ that my job here writing this is to let you all feel loved.  Whoever is reading this will ‘get it’ from me. I couldn’t do this ‘getting it’ without you, so I am so glad you are reading this and helping me be more loving.

My wife, JoySee will edit this and I can see her smiling as she does.  I can also see you others smiling knowing that you ‘get it’—how  important it is to let everyone you can, feel loved. Knowing each of us are in the chain reaction of spreading ‘feeling loved’ is wonderful and powerful.


How to Find Things

JoySee and I have something at home we call the ‘finder’.  If something falls on the floor and we can’t see it or if we misplace something, this tool almost always works.  Can you guess what it is?

It is our biggest flashlight.  I  fetch it and  turn it on and start looking for  what is misplaced.  It is amazing how well it works at focusing my attention. With the light burning and the battery discharging, I don’t want to waste the resource, so I concentrate until I find the missing item.

The finder in our spiritual life might be called our Attention to Intention Getter. We turn our consciousness to what we want or long for (attention) and then we direct the consciousness to our goal (intention) with our attention.

The ‘finder’ can also be directed to searching for Love.  What we are always really looking for is love, which means to feel loved.  Even when we love someone and enjoy having someone to love, we are still looking for ways to be loved more by giving and receiving more love.  So we turn on our finder, our consciousness, towards love – being loved, loving, feeling loved and direct its beam towards the objects of love – ourselves, others, the environment, etc.  And we find it!

In this case,  our consciousness is often our feelings, and we turn  them on  when we concentrate on, or beam in on our feelings. Whatever we are feeling at the moment and the emotion we are intensely focusing upon, will give way to love. That is the emotion that is permanently in the background and what we uncover when we shed light on consciousness.

Notice it is our attention, or our awareness of the current focus, that is the key  to brightening up and feeling joyful. We then find the object we were looking for. We find love.


Until we again merge with Source, we are here on earth, walking each other home, towards the great Light  from Source.  The Divine never let us out of Its sight nor in darkness. We just had our focus elsewhere so didn’t see It.

In fact, we have never left Source. But now with our “finder” fully focused with the light of awareness, slowly but surely we’ll see that!